ACC Athletics Carnival Success

In a dazzling display of athleticism, the St James’ Fox’s showcased their prowess at the 2023 ACC G Division Athletics Carnival, leaving their mark on the track and field.

With 110 athletes, led by the indomitable Captains Kean C and Annabel L, the carnival was a true testament to their dedication and hard work.  The athletes poured their hearts into training, pushing themselves to the limits and it showed. Their teamwork and resilience were on full display, making St James’ a force to be reckoned with on the track.

A standout moment of the day was the exceptional performance in the relays. The team’s lightning-quick changeovers left spectators in awe, as they surged ahead of the competition. Notably, the Carnival saw some reserve athletes stepping up to compete, displaying the true spirit of sportsmanship and teamwork. It is the willingness and courage to step up to this challenge that is critical to the team’s success.

On the day there were several highs and some lessons learnt. It was pleasing to see the students band together and support one another. We extend our gratitude to the student officials and media team whose dedication ensured the smooth running of the event. Their efforts behind the scenes were invaluable and enabled our athletes to compete on the day.

Lastly, a big thank you goes out to the parent spectators and staff who braved the day to support these remarkable athletes. Your unwavering support and encouragement played a significant role in making the 2023 ACC Athletics Carnival a day to remember. We will continue the fight in G Division next year and hopefully be victorious.


  • Mr James Parsons
  • Mr Peter Kennedy
  • Mrs Amy Lavell
  • Mr Ryan Penno
  • Miss Emily Haywood
  • Miss Liberty Boylan
  • Miss Frances Pivetta
  • Mr Bruce Titlestead

Team Shield Winners

  • Junior Male
  • Senior Male
  • Overall Male

Event Winners

  • Bradley W U13 Div 2 High Jump
  • Kalani P U19 Div 1 High Jump
  • Passion G U15 Div 2 Discus
  • Bailey-Rae C U15 Div 1 Discus
  • Rohan T U19 Div 2 Javelin
  • Will P U15 Div 1 Long Jump, U15 Div 1 200m, U15 Div 1 100m
  • Kahana P U13 Div 2 1500m
  • Harmony P U13 Div 1 1500m, U13 Div 1 800m
  • Devon B U13 Div 2 1500m
  • Freddie S U13 Div 1 1500m. U13 Div 1 800m,
  • Barnaby L U15 Div 1 1500m, U15 Div 1 800m, U15 Div 1 Javelin, U15 Div 1 400m
  • George H U19 Div 1 1500m, U19 Div 1 800m, U19 Div 1 400m
  • Liam S U15 Div I Discus
  • Brooklyn R U14 Div 1 Shot Put, U14 Div 1 Discus
  • Max A U14 Div 2 High Jump
  • Youssif M U14 Div 1 High Jump
  • Sophie C U15 Div 1 Shot Put
  • Zane J U13 Div 2 Long Jump
  • Cooper S U13 Div 1 200m, U13 Div 1 100m
  • Zac H U15 Div 2 200m, U15 Div 2 100m
  • Jessie B U13 Div 2 100m
  • Tydhon H U15 800m
  • Stephanie F U19 Div 2 Discus
  • U13 Girls Relay: Evie C, McKayla-Mari D, Jessie B, Harmony P
  • U13 Boys Relay: Freddie S, Cole S, Caleb L, Cooper S
  • U14 Girls Relay: Angelino F, Esme S, Ruby L, Makenna M
  • U14 Boys Relay: Owen H, Max A, Parker D, Saul M
  • U15 Boys Relay: Will P, Zac H, Liam S, Barnaby L


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