Building experiences, personal growth and relationships

St James’ Anglican School places a high importance on its co-curricular program because it adds significantly to the quality of each student’s school experience, while introducing them to a variety of opportunities for growth and development. The personal growth and relationships built through co-curricular experiences supplement the classroom learning environment.

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Clubs & House time

Students are encouraged to extend their learning by focusing on their individual needs and interests. We provide an extensive co-curricular program with many before and after school clubs offering fun and engaging activities, such as service learning, music, sport, drama, recreation and more. 

Students from Years 1 to 6 participate in House Time on Friday afternoons. These sessions and activities help develop a House identity and an ability to work together with fellow students in their House. The activities cover many areas: art, sport (swimming, running and athletics), teamwork, general knowledge, logical thinking, public speaking, debating, curriculum quizzes and many more. We aim to cater to a range of students and their diverse skills, giving them all a chance to take a lead role, or learn something new and; above all to make new friends across the Junior School.


Year 2

The Junior School camping experience begins in Year 2 with a sleepover at school. Students spend one night in the Early Learning Collaborative area. The aim of the camp is to develop the students’ resilience in being away from home.

Year 3

Year 3 students participate in a two-day camp at Kerem Adventure Park, Bullsbrook. The theme is Independence, Organisation and Positive Mindset, focusing on embracing being away from school and home for the first time.

Year 4

Year 4 students participate in a three-day camp to Spring Hill Farm, near Williams. The theme is Curiosity, focusing on questioning and experiencing a world different to their own.

Year 5

Year 5 students participate in a three-day camp at the Swan Valley Adventure Camp. The theme is Challenge and Cooperation, focusing on working together to overcome outdoor challenges.

Year 6

Year 6 students participate in a four-day camp at Rottnest Island. The theme is Determination, focusing on persevering in different physical activities along with respecting each other and the environment.

Service learning

Teaching our Orange Army to be responsible, caring citizens is an important focus. We encourage our students to put others needs before their own and to strive to make a positive difference within the world.

To ensure service learning is meaningful and students remain passionate, we encourage them to share projects they are interested in. Providing students with agency and autonomy of projects within the community generates enthusiasm and engagement.

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Term Dates

Student Dates
Term 1, 2024
Tuesday 30 January - Students commence
Thursday 28 March - End of Term 1
Term 2, 2024
Tuesday 16 April - Students commence
Friday 21 June - End of Term 2
Term 3, 2024
Monday 15 July - Students commence
Friday 20 September - End of Term 3
Term 4, 2024
Monday 7 October - Students commence
Tuesday 3 December - End of Term 4
Student Dates
Term 1, 2025
Tuesday 4 February - Students commence
Friday 11 April - End of Term 1
Term 2, 2025
Tuesday 29 April - Students commence
Friday 27 June - End of Term 2
Term 3, 2025
Monday 21 July - Students commence
Friday 26 September - End of Term 3
Term 4, 2025
Monday 13 October - Students commence
Tuesday 9 December - End of Term 4