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Walk around our Junior School on any school day and you will see the energy and enthusiasm of students

In our Junior School, our dedicated staff harness and nurture the innate creativity of our students, motivating them to always strive for their best. We believe in fostering an environment where mutual respect and care for one another are paramount and where the privilege of learning is recognised. This shared attitude has created a Junior School that enables students to discover their unique strengths and interests, whether in academic pursuits, creative arts, sports, or community service.

We understand the importance of meeting our growing children where they are in their educational journey and helping them realise their potential for the future. From the moment they step foot in Kindergarten until they end their Junior School journey in Year 6, our students are cared for, understood and challenged to push themselves. Through our comprehensive range of general classes and specialised programs, we celebrate diversity and actively encourage collaboration among classmates and teachers. 

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"St James’ will help develop each child to maximise their potential and graduate as confident and engaging young adults. We want our students to be passionate, care about their impact on the world that awaits them and know they can make a difference."
Dan Mornement
Head of Junior School

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