Learning Support & Extension

Satori: our approach to inclusive education

Satori, the Japanese word for enlightenment, encompasses our pedagogical approach to students needing learning support, extension, or alternative programs. Our specialised Satori team and teaching staff advocate for students to provide an inclusive and tailored learning journey.

Learning support

We believe in equal opportunities for all students, and our goal is to ensure each student has access to the same educational experiences and opportunities as their classmates. If a student is identified as needing additional learning support, our dedicated Satori staff are available to provide personalised learning opportunities and interventions. If the School believes an evidence-based intervention or program is beneficial for a student, we will invite parents to meet with the class teacher and a member of Satori staff.

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Students in Year 3 to Year 6 have the opportunity to join the Mathematics Extension program. This program selects students based on their academic performance in a Mathematics standardised test, NAPLAN results, as well as their ability to apply critical thinking. The selection process takes place every semester to ensure a maximum number of students can participate, with a rotation occurring each semester. Within Mathematics Extension, students widen their mathematical knowledge and skills, take on complex challenges and compete in competitions.

Enrichment opportunities

Enrichment opportunities look beyond the curriculum and allow a student to explore topics and ideas at a higher level of difficulty and complexity. We offer a range of programs and clubs to further develop a high level of knowledge, creativity and critical thinking which aim to constantly challenge and extend students.

Some of these opportunities include:

Musical performances
IPSHA Speakers Challenge
Debating and public speaking competitions
Art exhibitions
Academic All Stars and Northern Bright Stars Interschool academic and STEM competitions
Numero competition
IPSHA Chess Tournament
Have Sum Fun online mathematics competition


The School also offers annual camps and tours to enrich the curriculum.

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