Camps & Tours

Annual camps and tours

St James’ offers annual camps and tours that greatly enhance the curriculum and provide an enriching experience for our students. These opportunities play a vital role in developing their confidence, social skills, emotional regulation and global awareness.

Furthermore, our camps program presents individual challenges and opportunities for personal growth. The inclusive and supportive nature of the camps often results in students achieving personal goals they never thought possible.

Outdoor education

Our camps program focuses on outdoor education and has been thoughtfully designed to continually challenge students as they progress through each school year. Our camps offer a diverse range of high-quality experiences that foster self-reliance, teamwork, leadership, resilience and responsibility through engaging in experiential learning and embarking on new adventures. 

By working together as a team, students cultivate a profound appreciation for themselves and others while building new friendships in an inclusive environment.

Students may be presented with additional tours that relate to individual subjects, including national and international tours. Previous experiences include SCUBA Camp – Abrolhos Island Expedition, Japan Tour, Canberra Tour, SSWA Champion Schools Volleyball Tour – Gold Coast and Germany Music Tour.

 *Camps and tours are subject to change each year dependent on facility availability and curriculum planning. Some camps and tours are optional.



Year 7

Swan Valley Adventure Camp (two nights)

Year 8

Yanchep National Park Camp (two nights)

Year 9

Outdoor Education Camp (four nights)

Year 10

South West Expedition (five nights)

Year 12

Overnight Retreat (one night)

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