St James’ Difference

At St James’ we provide an enriching, holistic education founded on Gospel values

St James’ – where the city meets the country, the sea meets the sand and students meet passionate teachers, every day! We foster individual student potential, providing opportunities for each person to achieve excellence in every aspect of school life.

St James’ Anglican School has steadily grown from a small school established in 2015, with 161 students in the first year, to reach a noteworthy milestone of over 1,100 students in 2024 across the Junior and Senior Schools. At full enrolment, the School will cater for approximately 1,200 students. The School’s reputation and the development of the local area have aided growth, with waitlists now in place for new students across many year groups.

A growing school

The Architects have worked with the School to deliver quality buildings that are fully equipped for modern-day schooling, and designs which were adaptable as the student numbers increased. Large collaborative spaces have been incorporated to allow for small group work outside the classroom; a focus on outdoor learning has provided many natural learning environments, including edible gardens, wildlife havens, natural playgrounds and more! It has been a vision of the School to create grounds that embrace the local environment, that are sustainable and engage with the community.

Nothing is ever achieved without passion

Staff value the connection with students, the need to identify the individual needs of their students and the need for a teaching pedagogy that leads to success. 

St James’ Anglican School has a bespoke and promoted teaching way called ‘SJAS Activate,’ a unique and continually updated playbook for high impact teaching.

A proud Anglican school

St James’ Anglican School is owned by the Anglican Schools Commission Inc. Established in 1985, the Anglican Schools Commission’s (ASC) core purpose is to establish and support low fee Anglican systemic schools which provide a high-quality, inclusive and caring Christian education. All students attend a weekly Chapel service and a Christian and Values Education (CAVE) lesson.

We will provide your child with an environment built on strong Gospel values. St James’ is proud to be an Anglican School in which students are nurtured in the Christian faith and encouraged to use their beliefs and values as a basis for living. 

Our vision

At St James’ we strive to build a collaborative environment where the School executive, teachers, educational assistants, students and families work together to deliver an inclusive, engaging and supportive education.

We encourage families to become actively involved with the School and to become a part of their child’s educational journey.

Our school motto

St James’ Anglican School will seek to provide excellence in education, stressing high academic standards and the development of individual potential in a dynamic, caring and Christian environment.


By living the Gospel values, acting with honesty and openness, and celebrating difference and inclusion.


Through the pursuit of knowledge, lifelong learning and high standards and expectations.


By demonstrating fairness, empathy for others and respect for self, others and our world.

The purpose of a Church school is to foster growth in character and develop a set of values and skills, by teaching and example in a Christian setting, through all the activities of school life.


Our core values

FAITH – Living and teaching Gospel values and Anglican traditions.

EXCELLENCE – Pursuing high standards in all things.

JUSTICE – Demonstrating fairness, compassion and conviction; advocating for the educationally disadvantaged.

RESPECT – Respecting self, others and our world.

INTEGRITY – Acting with honesty and openness.

INCLUSION – Promoting diversity and celebrating difference.

St James’ Anglican School aims to:

  • stimulate an awareness and understanding of our spiritual nature and our Christian heritage
  • provide, in a caring environment, a broad-based education which emphasises development of literacy and numeracy skills and the striving for excellence so that each student may be encouraged to develop to their maximum potential
  • develop inquiring and flexible minds and an attitude to life which involves a sense of direction, a positive self-concept and the personal resources with which to lead a full life
  • encourage and develop qualities of respect for others, self-discipline, self-motivation, commitment and resilience
  • develop a system of pastoral care based on Christian beliefs and values involving all staff and students at every level of the School community
  • provide a framework enabling a sense of community to pervade all aspects of school life, allowing for the development of a community of students, staff and parents in positive collaboration.
"Since its creation, St James’ Anglican School has endeavoured to encourage collaboration and meet the needs of each student. We recognise the demands of an ever-changing world and see the critical role of collaboration in successfully navigating global challenges. We have adapted a focus to enhance collaboration within our community and develop our students holistically to equip them to succeed in a complex world."
Adrian Pree

Together, we are St James'

Kindergarten - Year 6

Junior School

Year 7 - Year 12

Senior School

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Term Dates

Student Dates
Term 1, 2024
Tuesday 30 January - Students commence
Thursday 28 March - End of Term 1
Term 2, 2024
Tuesday 16 April - Students commence
Friday 21 June - End of Term 2
Term 3, 2024
Monday 15 July - Students commence
Friday 20 September - End of Term 3
Term 4, 2024
Monday 7 October - Students commence
Tuesday 3 December - End of Term 4
Student Dates
Term 1, 2025
Tuesday 4 February - Students commence
Friday 11 April - End of Term 1
Term 2, 2025
Tuesday 29 April - Students commence
Friday 27 June - End of Term 2
Term 3, 2025
Monday 21 July - Students commence
Friday 26 September - End of Term 3
Term 4, 2025
Monday 13 October - Students commence
Tuesday 9 December - End of Term 4