Specialist Programs

Proud to deliver specialist soccer and volleyball programs

At St James’ the focus of each program is to develop skills, game sense and physical preparation. Each specialist program aims to provide an opportunity for students to experience a higher level of training and knowledge in the games of soccer and volleyball. This should see our students receive the chance to either perform at a high level or discover a passion that will see them pursue these sports for life.

Structure of the programs

Students train on allocated days depending on age, existing skill level and upcoming competitions. These training sessions generally occur once a week before or after school and increase to multiple sessions in the lead up to competitions. Students receive specialist coaching from our teachers and highly qualified external providers.

Specialist uniforms are included in the once off fee as part of joining the program each year.

Future pathways

Each specialist program will have the opportunity to compete in interstate tours with the possibility to be selected for state teams.

St James’ is proud to announce that two students have already been selected for the WA State Squad having only commenced in the Specialist Volleyball Program 18 months prior with limited experience; a testament to the St James’ coaching staff.

Selection criteria and application

All students are welcome to nominate for their selected program. Once successful, students are required to sign a student agreement. To maintain their position in the program, students must attend all training sessions, be available for fixtures and competitions and maintain their achievement expectations across all school areas.

There are no pre-requisites to join the specialist programs.

Current coaching staff

Volleyball Specialist Program:

Ryan Penno, James Parsons, Peter Kennedy and Mackenzie Huggins (St James’ Staff)

External Coaching provided by Northern Stars Volleyball Club

Soccer Specialist Program:

Alan McLatchie and Mackenzie Huggins (St James’ Staff)

External Coaching provided by Football Evolution Training

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