Eglinton Take Out the 2023 Senior School Interhouse Swimming Carnival

On Friday 3 February, students in the Senior School took to HBF Arena for the 2023 Senior School Interhouse Carnival.

There were exceptional displays of competitiveness and class throughout all events. With many personal bests, new records and overall participation at its best. In particular, the participation in the Novelty Events is always exciting to see.

An incredible 19 records were broken with many a genuine chance to stand the test of time. Congratulations to all our record holders for setting elite standards and providing future students of St James’ with some lofty targets to aspire to.

There were many extremely close finishes for the Champions and Runner-Up Awards, with several decided by countback and some simply too close to split and being awarded joint honours.

Congratulations to the following students:

Year 7 Champion Girl – Kahana P
Year 7 Runner Up – Indi F
Year 7 Champion Boy – Owen C
Year 7 Runner-Up – Raif D

Year 8 Champion Girl – Sascha H
Year 8 Runner-Up – Ixchel V
Year 8 Champion Boy – Ethan B
Year 8 Runner Up – Kyan D

Year 9 Champion Girl – Ryan C
Year 9 Runner-Up – Brooke H
Year 9 Champion Boy – Barnaby L
Year 9 Runner-Up – Zac H

Year 10 Champion Girl – Tatum T
Year 10 Runner-Up – Maddie J
Year 10 Champion Boy – Keaghan R
Year 10 Runner-Up – Justin D

Year 11 Champion Girl – Freya O
Year 11 Runner-Up – Tessa K
Year 11 Champion Boy – Liam R
Year 11 Runner-Up – Luke H

Year 12 Champion Girl(s) – Grace H & Tonxgin S
Year 12 Champion Boy – Matt V
Year 12 Runner-Up – Kean C

The prestigious Blue-Ribbon race provided another excellent finish to the day with the fastest swimmers across all year groups competing against each other in an open event.

Congratulations to the following students:

Girls Blue Ribbons
1st Place – Ryan C
2nd Place – Brooke H
3rd Place – Neave W

Boys Blue Ribbons
1st Place Keaghan R
2nd Place Liam R
3rd Place Owen C

Finally, the overall House points provided an incredible finish to the day with the results as follows.

Eglinton 6313
Twilight 5082
Cervantes 4015
Sydney 3202

Congratulations to Eglinton for their brilliant performance and level of participation. A true team effort.

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