Exceptional ATAR Results for the Class of 2022

Year 12 students received their ATAR results this week. We are proud to share their outstanding results with you.

Congratulations to Elissa Quinn-Williams for receiving the highest ATAR score at St James’ with a score of 98.5, closely followed by Maxim McNeela with 96.55.

36% of our students received an ATAR score of 90 and above, with 73% of students receiving an ATAR score of 85 and above. The Median ATAR score at St James’ was 88.85, well above the state average of 83.45.

St James’ would like to acknowledge the students who have applied themselves consistently over many years. The teachers and families who have supported and encouraged each student to achieve their best, and our St James’ community who work closely together to create and foster a culture where students strive for excellence.

A fantastic result for the Class of 2022! The Orange Army is beyond proud of your efforts!

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