Foxes’ Fighting Spirit for CAS Winter Sports

We are pleased to share the St James’ CAS Winter Sports round seven results with you.

  • Year 7A Netball: 4 – 25 (Win)
  • Year 7B Netball: 3 – 30 (Win)
  • Year 7 Girls Soccer: 2 – 4 (Loss)
  • Year 7 Boys Soccer: 7 – 0 (Loss)
  • Year 7 AFL: 0 – 50 (Loss)
  • Year 8 Netball: Forfeit (Win)
  • Year 8/9 Girls Soccer: 5 – 3 (Win)
  • Year 8/9 Boys Soccer: 5 – 4 (Win)
  • Year 8/9 AFL: 17 – 50 (Loss)
  • Year 9 Netball: 19 – 24 (Loss)
  • Year 10 – 12 Boys Soccer: 1 – 3 (Loss)

Our St James’ Year 7B Netball team displayed outstanding teamwork, sportsmanship and skill during their final game this week. Their hours of training before school have paid off, particularly the freezing oval runs, and the team should be proud of its progress this season.

Despite the two-goal loss, it was an impressive game for the Year 7 Girls Soccer team against a competitive Irene McCormack Catholic College (IMCC). The players continue to grow and develop in confidence each week and we look forward to watching them continue to develop their skills in the future.

The rain held off for an exciting match between our Year 8/9 Girls Soccer team and Irene McCormack Catholic College. Team St James’ took an early lead, but their opponents were quick to equalise. Showing determination and teamwork, our girls took back the lead and managed to finish with an impressive 5:3 win.

Our Year 8/9 Boys Soccer team finished off their league campaign with an entertaining 5:4 win against IMCC. In this close and exciting game, St James’ secured the win with only three minutes remaining.

Our Year 10 – 12 Boys Soccer team had a great first half against Mater Dei College and led the score 1 – 0 at half-time. The boys were in high spirits with ample passing and excellent communication on display. The Mater Dei team capitalised on this in the second half and managed three quick breakaway goals to secure a win against our hardworking Foxes.

During their final game of the CAS season, our Year 7 AFL team displayed great courage as they took the field. It was great to see how students have developed over the short season and this is a testament to the players’ hard work. Taylor C and Andi M joined the team this week, and it has been fantastic to see the girls rise to the challenge and get involved in AFL.

There was competitive effort from our Year 8/9 AFL team with excellent team passages supporting impressive individual efforts. The team is to be commended for their efforts and commitment to the season, with their fighting spirit representing the Foxes in a superb manner.

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