Introducing Kuda: The Latest Mateship Program Connecting Junior and Senior School Students.

Every Thursday morning, the noticeable enthusiasm of students spreads through the collaborative area and classrooms in our Junior School. It’s Kuda day – a day dedicated to our latest mateship program. Kuda is an indigenous indigenous term that means “mate / friendship” and here at our school, it provides an opportunity for older students to connect with and mentor younger students.

The program seeks to pair older senior students with their younger counterparts in the Junior School. Through this program, the aim is to create an environment of social belonging and comfort for the younger students. They get to read to each other, play games, and engage in conversations that help them settle in and feel at ease in their environment.

Moreover, older students give younger students a sense of leadership and mentorship, thus inspiring them to work harder and strive for academic success. It builds the confidence of our Junior School students and nurtures their sense of identity within our school community.

The Kuda program also benefits to the Senior School students who volunteer as mentors and buddies to their junior counterparts. Besides giving them a chance to connect with younger students, it provides them with an opportunity to exercise empathy and leadership skills. The mentoring process allows them to listen carefully to their peers and learn the values of compassion, understanding, and responsibility towards community members.

Our school is proud of our ‘Orange Army’ community, and we strive to create an environment where all students feel safe, secure, and valued. The Kuda program is just one of the many ways we foster that community spirit and help our students advance socially and academically.

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