Junior School & Senior School

St James’ Anglican School students will be given an education to prepare them to become contributing and successful members of the community and potential future leaders of that community. The School will aim to nurture each student so he or she is able to accept responsibility, demonstrate commitment and initiative, be self-disciplined and show sensitivity to the needs of others.

At the start of each child’s journey at St James’ they are assigned to one of 4 houses. Each house name has been chosen to represent a shipwreck, acknowledging the maritime history of the area.

The House system supports students by fostering a sense of belonging and creating a community within a community. This provides an opportunity for students of all ages to develop friendships with other students and staff. Houses create a spirit of fun, co-operation and comradery through the Interhouse competitions such as carnivals, weekly housetime activities and sports; adding to the vibrancy of school life.

Each Friday, all students wear their house shirt to school.

St James’ Houses are

Meet the 2023 Senior School Captains:

Twilight (red)

Sydney (green)

Cervantes (blue)

Eglinton (yellow)

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