Meet our first three 2024 Anglicare Ambassadors!

We proudly congratulate our 2024 Anglicare Ambassadors, a group of dynamic Year 10 students: Melandri, Jorja, Cherise, Taylor, Keeley, Keziah, Emily, Saskia, and Passion. These exceptional young students have embarked on a journey to raise awareness about the invaluable work carried out by Anglicare WA while embracing the essence of advocacy.

Their journey began with a momentous occasion as they convened at Christ Church College in Claremont for the Anglicare Ambassador Launch. Amidst a gathering of Ambassadors from sixteen other schools, they were immersed in the ethos of service and community empowerment.

Guided by the inspirational narratives of past Ambassadors, the students gleaned insights into impactful initiatives like the Big Sleep Out at Optus Stadium, aimed at alleviating youth homelessness by fundraising for critical support services.

Reverend Peter Laurence OAM, CEO of the Anglican Schools Commission, and Reverend Kay Goldsworthy AO, Archbishop of Perth, delineated their vision for the Ambassador role, emphasising compassion, leadership, and advocacy.

The launch culminated with a poignant visit to the Street Connect Bus, a lifeline for homeless youth, underscoring the tangible impact of their advocacy efforts. As they embark on this transformative journey, our Ambassadors embody the spirit of compassion and drive, poised to make a meaningful difference in the community.

Find out more about the first three of our Ambassadors below and stay tuned to meet the rest of our incredible young students:


I love helping people by understanding what they need – both physical and emotional support. I love to build connections with others. My passionate zeal to help others is what makes me a great Anglicare Ambassador.


I want to be an Anglicare Ambassador so that I can help with the food drives, donations, raising awareness and learning how to help those in need. I will be committed and always ready to work hard to make a positive impact. I will support the Anglicare mission of helping those in difficult situations and will always be willing to put myself forward to volunteer when needed. Youth homelessness is a massive problem in Perth. The fact that people my own age experience this on a daily basis puts everything into perspective.


I wanted to be an Anglicare Ambassador so that I am a part of projects to enhance and help someone who is struggling. This is life changing. I want to learn and engage in raising awareness of people who are struggling, for those that do not have food or a place to stay.

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Term Dates

Student Dates
Term 1, 2024
Tuesday 30 January - Students commence
Thursday 28 March - End of Term 1
Term 2, 2024
Tuesday 16 April - Students commence
Friday 21 June - End of Term 2
Term 3, 2024
Monday 15 July - Students commence
Friday 20 September - End of Term 3
Term 4, 2024
Monday 7 October - Students commence
Wednesday 4 December - End of Term 4
Student Dates
Term 1, 2025
Tuesday 4 February - Students commence
Friday 11 April - End of Term 1
Term 2, 2025
Tuesday 29 April - Students commence
Friday 27 June - End of Term 2
Term 3, 2025
Monday 21 July - Students commence
Friday 26 September - End of Term 3
Term 4, 2025
Monday 13 October - Students commence
Tuesday 9 December - End of Term 4