Serving Up a Taste of Togetherness: Year 6 Cooking Event

During Term 4, St James’ hosted an interactive cooking event for Year 6 students and their families to enjoy. This delightful event took place in the Trade Centre Food Technology rooms and was designed to introduce our future Year 7s to the Trade Centre and the subject of Food Technology. The school was transformed into a hub of creativity and togetherness as they worked together to bake some delicious lemonade scones.

Guided by the Food Technology teaching team, parents and students came together to bake delicious lemonade scones. The families worked together at their stations to carefully measure the ingredients and mix them together before placing them into the oven to bake. The kitchen buzzed with excitement and laughter as they immersed themselves in the art of baking. This remarkable opportunity not only promoted family bonding but also provided an invaluable insight into the exciting academic pathways that lie ahead for students entering Senior School.

As a tasty memento of baking experience, our proud bakers got to take their freshly baked treats home to enjoy. The event not only celebrated the joys of cooking but also provided an opportunity for our students to learn alongside their families, further emphasising the strong community spirit of the Orange Army.

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