St James’ Pianists Take to the Stage

On Wednesday 31 August, St James’ students participated in the annual ASC Piano Competition. Our students practised their pieces and then performed in front of an audience of peers, family, and adjudicators.

Each year we see improvement, development and the passion of our piano students showcased on stage, and this year was no different. Their support of each other and the representation of St James’ was exemplary.

Special mention to Tyson B (Year 7) who placed third and Annabel L (Year 10) who was a finalist.

Congratulations to the following students for their participation in the 2022 ASC Piano Competition.

Lucie E (Year 7)
Phoebe R (Year 4)
Melissa A (Year 5)
Amalie A (Year 3)
Kaylee Sewell (Year 4)
Francesca T (Year 3)
Yolanda H (Year 6)
Taylor J (Year 8)
Imogen G (Year 4)
Annabel L (Year 10)
Caitlyn B (Year 8)
Tyson B (Year 7)
Ava W (Year 6)
Zoey B (Year 3)
Lara B (Year 6)
Mai W (Year 6)
Bella M (Year 6)
Lyla G (Year 1)
Grace G (Year 3)
Bailey L (Yea 9)
Ebony R (Year 8)


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