St James’ Sports Stars Awarded

This afternoon, the Senior School held its 2022 Sports Award Assembly. Recognising students for their attitude and effort, worth ethic and success within a number of sporting categories. 

A fantastic achievement for so many students to be recognised in CAS Sport, Interhouse and Interschool Carnivals as well as our Specialist Soccer and Volleyball Programs.

Let’s go Foxes!


Year 7 Girls Soccer  

MVP: Ixchel V
FOX Award: S 

Year 7 Boys Soccer  

MVP: Saul M
FOX Award: Jeremy S 

Year 8/9 Girls Soccer  

MVP: Ciann A
FOX Award: Ella A  

Year 8/9 Boys Soccer  

MVP: Cameron B
FOX Award: Harrison W 

Year 10-12 Boys Soccer  

MVP: Harvey S
FOX Award: Emilio V  

Year 7A Netball  

MVP: Taylah C
FOX Award: Millie C  

Year 7B Netball  

MVP: Marnie R
FOX Award: Morgan C    

Year 8 Netball  

MVP: Ava B
FOX Award: Sophie C  

Year 9 Netball  

MVP: Mae R
FOX Award: Arieli G 

Year 7 AFL  

MVP: Kyan D
FOX Award: Parker D  

Year 8/9 AFL  

MVP: Keaghan R
FOX Award: Morgan W  

Year 10 – 12 Girls AFL  

MVP: Charlee J
FOX Award: Ella W

ACC Swimming 

Ryan C, Keaghan R, Clara P, Freya O, Xaxier H, Matthew V, Olivia H and Emilio V

ACC Cross Country

Barnaby L, George H, Hayley W, Lachlan T, Kenzo C, Harry S and Kayla C 

ACC Athletics

Ciann A, Barnaby L, George H and Hayley B

Specialist Soccer

Harrison W, Sol W, Indyana D, Jeremy S and Sascha H

Specialist Volleyball  

Brogan D, Tessa K, Ryan B and Sophie C

Special mention to Annabel L and Abhiraj D for being selected to represent the WA State Volleyball team. 

St James’ Sports Honours

Elissa Q and Liberty B

Congratulations to Barnaby L who won the St James’ Sportsperson of the Year Award. 

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