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Immerse Yourself in The Arts

An extensive array of creative programs catering to a diverse range of artistic interests and passions.

The St James’ campus offers Performing Arts, Dance, Music, and Creative Technology programs as a platform for students to nurture and unleash their unique talents and abilities to the fullest. With a creative curriculum and a wide range of after-school opportunities, we empower our students to explore their artistic passions.

By means of captivating concerts, captivating performances, and impressive exhibitions, we actively encourage our students to seize the stage and exhibit their remarkable talents. These experiences not only provide them with a chance to shine but also foster their self-assurance and belief in their own abilities.

Performing Arts

St James’ offers a dynamic and vibrant performing art\ts and drama program, providing students with a platform to explore their creativity, develop their talents.

Students delve into the world of theater, learning acting techniques, improvisation, stage presence, and character development. They study influential playwrights, explore different theatrical styles, and gain a deeper understanding of the power of storytelling. St James’ offers both General and ATAR Drama in Year 11 and 12.


St James’ is proud to offer Dance as an option for students in the Senior School. The subject caters to students of all skill levels providing a comprehensive curriculum in various dance forms and disciplines.

Students learn technical skills, choreography, and performance techniques while developing their physicality, coordination, and artistic expression.

Dance at St James’ provide students with a creative outlet, physical fitness, teamwork opportunities, and the chance to develop lifelong skills in a vibrant and expressive art form.


St James’ offers an extensive Music Program, integrating it into the curriculum from Kindergarten to Year 6 through their classroom music program. Building on the Early Years Learning Framework, the program engages students in purposeful and creative play, fostering their well-being and connection to the world.

As students progress, they continue to develop their musical skills, including listening, performing, and composing. They explore the fundamental elements of music, such as rhythm, pitch, dynamics, expression, form, structure, timbre, and texture.

Creative Technologies

Creative Technologies at St James’ Anglican School encompass a wide range of disciplines, including Design and Technology, Visual Arts, and Media. Design and Technology offers students the opportunity to explore graphics design, metalwork, engineering, woodwork, and other creative endeavors. Visual Arts and Media inspire students to express their creativity through various mediums, fostering artistic growth and digital storytelling.

The Creative Technologies programs at St James’ provide a platform for students to explore their artistic abilities while developing critical thinking, problem-solving, and technical skills. Integrating technology and creativity, the subjects prepare students for a world where digital media and visual communication play increasingly essential roles.

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Term Dates

Student Dates
Term 1, 2024
Tuesday 30 January - Students commence
Thursday 28 March - End of Term 1
Term 2, 2024
Tuesday 16 April - Students commence
Friday 21 June - End of Term 2
Term 3, 2024
Monday 15 July - Students commence
Friday 20 September - End of Term 3
Term 4, 2024
Monday 7 October - Students commence
Tuesday 3 December - End of Term 4
Student Dates
Term 1, 2025
Tuesday 4 February - Students commence
Friday 11 April - End of Term 1
Term 2, 2025
Tuesday 29 April - Students commence
Friday 27 June - End of Term 2
Term 3, 2025
Monday 21 July - Students commence
Friday 26 September - End of Term 3
Term 4, 2025
Monday 13 October - Students commence
Tuesday 9 December - End of Term 4