Habitat Detectives

Our Year 1 students recently ventured out on a planned excursion to Naturescape at King’s Park as part of the Science and Sustainability Program.

Amidst the natural wonders our little explorers embarked on an unforgettable journey through the landscapes of Naturescape. They ventured into various zones, conquering their fears to discover the park’s remarkable habitats. Here’s a glimpse of their incredible day!

First stop: ‘The Bungarra’ and ‘The Python’

Our brave Year 1s showed their courage by climbing the heights of ‘The Bungarra’ and ‘The Python’ structures. With sheer determination, they conquered these towering obstacles, demonstrating their adventurous spirit and resilience. Well done, young adventurers!

Next up: ‘Paperbark Waterhole’

Wading through the ‘Paperbark Waterhole,’ our curious learners experienced the wonders of aquatic life up close. Splashes of laughter echoed through the air as they discovered the hidden treasures beneath the water’s surface.

Then came: ‘The Tangle Web’

Caught in the intricate web of ‘The Tangle Web,’ our young explorers navigated their way through the twists and turns. With each step, they learned valuable lessons about teamwork and problem-solving.

Last but not least: ‘The Burrow’

Venturing down ‘The Burrow,’ our Year 1s explored the hidden nooks and crannies, discovering the secrets that lie beneath the surface.

Finally: Becoming Habitat Detectives

The highlight of their day was transforming into habitat detectives! Armed with magnifying glasses, jars and an eye for detail, our students embarked on a quest to find evidence left behind by the fascinating creatures of Kings Park. They searched high and low, examining tracks, nests, and other signs, unlocking the mysteries of the park’s inhabitants. Their enthusiasm and dedication were commendable!

We hope this excursion has ignited a lifelong passion for science, sustainability, and a deep appreciation for the wonders of nature within our Year 1 students.

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