Senior School Sports Award Assembly Celebrates Outstanding Achievements

The Senior School Sports Award Assembly held on Friday 15 September, was a grand celebration of athletic excellence, sportsmanship and dedication. This annual event not only recognised the hard work and commitment of our young athletes but also provided a platform for them to be inspired by the incredible guest speaker, Natasha Rigby, the Captain of the Perth Glory Women’s Team.

The assembly was a vibrant display of talent and determination, as students from various year levels were acknowledged for their outstanding performances in a wide range of sports. Among the highlights were the CAS Sport Award Winners, who truly shone in their respective sports.

Year 7 CAS Award Winners:

  • Girls Basketball
    • MVP: Leah H
    • FOX: Indi G
  • Girls Soccer
    • MVP: Harmony P
    • FOX: Tahlee H
  • Boys Basketball
    • MVP: Liam A
    • FOX: Ari A
  • Boys Soccer
    • MVP: Devon B
    • FOX: Noah O
  • Netball (7A)
    • MVP: Paisley D
    • FOX: Jessie B
  • Netball (7B)
    • MVP: Amelia P
    • FOX: Isabelle H
  • AFL 
    • MVP: Zac B
    • FOX: Jamieson A

Year 8 CAS Award Winners:

  • Girls Basketball
    • MVP: Andi M
    • FOX: Ziva B
  • Girls Soccer (Years 8/9)
    • MVP: Mia-Lilly T
    • FOX: Passion G
  • Boys Basketball
    • MVP: Liam S
    • FOX: Ethan B
  • Boys Soccer (Years 8/9)
    • MVP: Harry S
    • FOX: Will P
  • Netball
    • MVP: Marnie R
    • Taylah C
  • AFL (Years 8/9)
    • MVP: Jake G
    • FOX: Ashlee M

Year 9 CAS Award Winners:

  • Girls Basketball
    • MVP: Beth S
    • FOX: Keziah C
  • Boys Basketball
    • MVP: Ryan B
    • FOX: Daemyn B
  • Touch Rugby (Years 8/9)
    • MVP: Emily F
    • FOX: Passion G
  • Cricket (Years 8/9)
    • MVP: Hendrix M
    • FOX: Taj S
  • Beach Volleyball (Year 8/9)
    • MVP: Carrie A
    • FOX: Jude B
  • Netball
    • MVP: Ava B
    • FOX: Keeley S

Year 10-12 CAS Award Winners:

  • Girls Volleyball
    • MVP: Annabel L
    • FOX: Kalani P
  • Boys Volleyball
    • MVP: Abhiraj D
    • FOX: Mitchell B
  • Girls AFL
    • MVP: Ciann A
    • FOX: Emily F

The assembly also honoured the ACC Carnival Award winners, who demonstrated their skills and commitment in various interschool sports competitions.

  • Swimming
    • Owen C, Ryan C and Brooke H
  • Cross Country
    • Devon B, Felix B, George H and Barnaby L
  • Athletics
    • Ruby L, Kalani P and Barnaby L

The event continued with exciting performances and presentations, including a special performance by Brady and Georgia J.

The Specialist Sports Programs were also celebrated, with awards presented to the following recipients.

  • Volleyball
    • Liam R, Annabel L, Brogan D, Freya O and Ava B
  • Soccer
    • Harmony P, Aston L, Lewis G, Matt M, Jack S and Cameron B

The culmination of the event was the presentation of Sports Colours and Honours, recognising students who have made an exceptional contribution to their respective sports. This prestigious honour was granted to several deserving individuals.

Colours Recipients:

  • Abhiraj D
  • Ava B
  • Brogan D
  • Brooke H
  • Cameron B
  • Daemyn B
  • Ella C
  • Emily F
  • Gareth M
  • Harrison W
  • Kalani P
  • Madison E
  • Mitchell B
  • Rohan T
  • Sophie C
  • Will P

Honours Recipients:

  • Annabel L
  • Liam R
  • Freya O

The pinnacle of the event was the announcement of the Sports Person of the Year, a title awarded to the athlete who embodies excellence and sportsmanship across the board. This year, the honour was bestowed upon Barnaby L, a truly remarkable athlete.

The Senior School Sports Award Assembly was a memorable occasion filled with excitement and pride. It celebrated not only the achievements of our young athletes but also the values of teamwork, dedication and perseverance that sports instil in students. 

Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you to Natasha Rigby for inspiring our future sports stars with her remarkable journey and words of wisdom.



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