St James’ Day 2023

On the final day of Term 2, we joyously celebrated St James’ Day, a tribute to our School’s founder. It was a thrilling and action-packed day that brought our entire school community together. We organised a wide array of activities for our students, ensuring that there was something for everyone to enjoy.

In honour of NAIDOC Week, our students engaged in Aboriginal art projects that allowed them to explore and appreciate Indigenous culture. One of the standout moments was the creation of stunning mural paintings that depicted native animals. These beautiful artworks now adorn our newly established cultural outdoor precinct. Additionally, we were fortunate enough to witness stunning dance performances by Didge and Dance, where they not only showcased their incredible talent but also shared the meaning and significance behind their dances.

Our Year 12 students played a pivotal role in the festivities of St James’ Day. They assisted in making 1,000 hot dogs, an impressive feat in itself. Following this, they enjoyed a visit from our guest Speaker, Mr Joseph Te Maihengia White. His enlightening incursion on Cultural Awareness captivated our students and left a lasting impact.

To conclude this fantastic day and Term, students participated in a vibrant and exhilarating colour run. It was a spectacular sight to see our students and teachers unite in celebration, as laughter, excitement, and joy filled the air.

St James’ Day was an unforgettable occasion that not only allowed us to pay homage to our history and culture but also provided an opportunity for us to engage in interactive and enjoyable activities. It fostered a strong sense of unity and camaraderie among our students and staff, highlighting the strength of our school community. Together, we celebrated our shared experiences and embraced diversity.

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