Year 2 Sleepover: A Night of Adventure and Independence

On Friday 15 September the Year 2 students experienced their very first night away from home right here at school in the Early Learning Centre (ELC) building.

This special sleepover held great significance as it provided these young learners with their first-ever opportunity to spend a night away from home, all in preparation for their Year 3 Camp at the Karem Adventure Park in Bullsbrook. It served as a gentle introduction to the exciting world of outdoor adventures and overnight stays.

The students arrived back at school all dressed in their comfy pyjamas, ready for a night of fun. Beyond being a fantastic opportunity for the students to bond with their peers, these activities had a more profound purpose. They were carefully designed to promote teamwork, foster independence and build the resilience and inner strength that will serve them well in their future adventures.

The Year 2 sleepover was not just a night of fun; it was a stepping stone toward personal growth and memorable learning experiences. Students returned home with not only wonderful memories but also newfound confidence and a sense of accomplishment.

It was indeed a night to remember, and we look forward to many more exciting experiences in the journey of these young learners.


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